Lets Work Together to Help Sports Development in Tanzania

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The main aim of this website (www.tanzaniasports.com/new) is to broaden discussion and exchange on sport in Tanzania. My main interest is in creating a forum for people involved in sport to contribute ideas for strengthening various sports in Tanzania, including volleyball, football, netball and all Olympic sports. I would like to invite you as a friend, sports personality, sports leader – whether from Tanzania or any other country – to contribute ideas around sports performance, including the questions of leadership, coaching, identification of new talent and other factors which, if improved, could help Tanzania, but also East Africa and Africa generally, to attain higher levels in competitive sport.


As you are aware the performance of sports clubs and teams in Tanzania has not been very successful in recent years. By debating these issues, it could help to influence policy makers and decision makers in the sports arena to implement some changes that may improve the level of performance.

I would also like to get some ideas for how better sports marketing could bring in more support for sports persons and raise the profile of certain sports, clubs and the country generally.

If interested, please send your article of not more than 200 words with your photograph (if you want it published on the web site). Also, if you have other photographs of sports activities particularly at the grassroots level in Tanzania please email them and they can be posted on the site. There will also be a page on the website listing all of the sports associations and the contact details of their leaders. If you are aware of any associations who would like their details posted please also send them and I can contact them to get their permission to put them on the site. This will help those interested in contacting these associations to get access to them, in cases where the associations do not have their own website.


I believe that by working together in this way, it may contribute to helping Tanzania to achieve higher results in sports.



Thanking you in advance for your contribution.

Israel G. Saria

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