Mainland, Zanzibar display wonders at Moshi cross country

By Staff Reporter, Moshi

National athletics teams for Mainland and Zanzibar performed fairly well in the cross country marathon held yesterday at Moshi Golf course emerging the overall winner and first runners up respectively.

Ethiopia settled for second runners up followed by Kenya and Uganda.

Star runners such as Tausi Said, Janeth John and Restuta Joseph from the Mainland failed to display their talent in an eight-kilometre women`s race settling at 12th and 15th slots respectively as others withdrew before finishing.

Mainland performed badly in six kilometre race after settling for fourth position while first, second and third positions went to Ethiopians again.

Team coach, Meta Petro said his athletes performed poorly due to injuries they sustained in another track held recently.

Marco Joseph and Joseph Mathew from men`s team nevertheless scooped first and fourth places using 24:08.94 and 24:40.60 respectively while the third and the fourth positions went to Ethiopians.

In the 12-kilometre run which was exclusive to men only Tanzania Mainland emerged the third after its athlete Tluway completed by using 36:53.03.

In six-kilometre women`s race Ethiopia emerged the overall winner, followed by Tanzania Mainland and Uganda while in eight-kilometre women`s race Tanzania Mainland took the first place followed by Zanzibar and in men`s eight kilometre Ethiopia scooped the first position.

They were followed by Kenya and Uganda and in 12-kilometre men`s event Ethiopia took the first position followed by Kenya and Tanzania.

  • SOURCE: Sunday Observer

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