The score doesn’t reflect what happened on the pitch’-Arsenal Wenger

Tottenham H.


Carling Cup

Tottenham H. 5-1 Arsenal

Carling Cup S/F Leg 2
White Hart Lane
Tue, Jan 22, 2008, 8pm
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On the way the game went…
“Of course it is disappointing because we lost. I feel that everything went against us. We were always in the situation where we were chasing the score. We were open to counterattacking and we were not mature enough to stop the counterattacking.”

On the scoreline…
“The score is very high and very brutal but I think it does not reflect what happened on the pitch. The first shot on goal was a goal, the second goal was an own goal, the third was straight after half time. After that, the game was over. It had no real meaning after that. They could concentrate on defending and catching us on the break. I don’t give a big meaning to the importance of the score. It can be explained by the way the game went.”

On regrets…
“My only regret is playing [some of] the players who played. We go into the season with many targets and every season we go in with that priority in this competition. It is good to see that some players have potential and some are not completely ready yet.”

On the Carling Cup being a priority …
“Not at all frankly.”

On the second half scoring…
“That was dictated by the game. They defended like mad and they caught us on the break. We were 2-0 down, they only have 45 minutes to last. I don’t see where you can be surprised.”

On the education of the Carling Cup…
“It is part of the learning process. When you are a footballer you have to deal with disappointments. That is part of it all. You have to take that on board. When you a footballer you lose games, it is how you respond and deal with that.”

On the reaction to this defeat…
“We live in a world where the last game is always a definitive conclusion. But it is not as simple as that. To educate young players great patience is needed aswell as a comprehensive attitude and tolerance. That is my problem not yours.”