Three athletes get grades for Olympic Games

Athletics Tanzania (AT) has named three runners who have so far qualified for the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, China next year.

AT Secretary-General Suleiman Nyambui said yesterday that the trio qualified after performing well in their international races staged in the last three months.

The athletes are Dickson Marwa who used 27:38:17 in 10,000m held in Holland on June 26 and Ramadhani who met the Olympic Games` standard when he clocked 2:13:53 in the Seoul Marathon on November 4.

Msenduku Mohamedi has also qualified after running for 2:12:27 at the Istanbul Marathon on October 28.

Nyambui said that AT had already sent the names of the trio to the Tanzania Olympic Committee (TOC) Secretary-General, Filbert Bayi.

`We hope more athletes will qualify before we go to China,` said Nyambui.

He said Tanzania would be represented by more than 12 athletes.

Ramadhani and Marwa are among 24 athletes who were recently picked by AT to prepare for the Games.

Others are Hamis Mkadarlu 400m, Samwel Mwera (800m and 1500m), Fabian Joseph, Daniel Sumun, John Yuda, Samwel Kwaang`, Ezekiel Jaffari, Damian Chopa (5,000m and 10,000m).

Marathon runners are Getuli Bayo, Andrew Silvin, Joseph Itambo, Christopher Isegwe, Martin Sule, Bennuela Briton, Fabiola William and Sarah Maja.

Others are Pendo Japhet, Jacqueline Sakilu and Farida Makula (800m and 1500m), and Zakia Mrisho, Zaituni Jumanne and Janeth John (5,000m and 10,000m).

  • SOURCE: Guardian

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