WE WILL BE GHANA 2008 IF. . . . . . .

After watching Taifa Stars’ game against the black Mambas in Maputo in African Nations Cup qualifier; a goalless match, I came to realize that, the team technical beach and TFF have an urgent role to play as far as the 2008 African Nations Cup finals in Ghana is concerned.

Any football analyst who watched the match will agree with me that our boys did not play well compared to the hosts because our team had no enough preparation and exposure as a result the players played with tension and were weight compared to the Mozambique who played well in their home ground. So to avoid defeating in Senegal, in March next year, the following important strategies should be taken:

a) Enough physical and technical training in the fields and gyms are required to make the players more physical and technical fits as a result they may face the Senegalese and others with much confidence. Good ball possession to our players is too important to make them confidence in the field. Stars, in Maputo’s match, had no good ball possession as a result many shoots, ball crosses and corners were going to their goal. That situation, at the end of the game, caused much tiredness to our players.

b) There is a strong need to our midfielders; Othman Idd, Renetus Njohole and Nizar Khalfan to be mould as playmakers and dribblers capable of feeding the strikers with the ball in the box so as to win the game. In Maputo, our midfielders, who are the hearts of the team, did not play well as a result our defense including a goal keeper, for number of minutes, had to face a hard times.

c) The team needs at least three international friendly matches with the African giants in football such as Cameroon, Egypt, Ivory Cost and Nigeria but two matches should be played a way so as to gain valuable exposure in the bigger platform.We have to focus our strategies how can we prepare well our boys to complete the three remaining games with a victory and not to proud that we have now became number one in group seven (7) after playing just two matches! In my view the important things, at the time being, is not to proud on our current position in that group but is to win the remaining matches so as to go to Ghana for the 2008 Africa cup of Nations finals. Since the competition is still going on and despite tremendous start our team has already achieved, I think, yet, we have a mountain to climb if we are to make it to Ghana.

God bless Taifa Stars!! God bless Tanzania!!

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