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Management of football clubs in Tanzania

In international football there are various different ways in which clubs are owned and managed. These range from power being in the hands of one individual to power being with the members. In the modern way of running clubs, members have to be part of the club by contributing towards their development and having a passion with the survival and growth of the club. This is important given the expense involved in running them and the need for them to survive in the longer term.

In Tanzania for many years, we have had Simba SC, Yanga FC, Mtibwa, Maji Maji, Pamba FC, Mirambo, CDA of Dodoma and many other clubs. However most of these are not surviving any more due to the system under which they were run.The survival of Simba and Yanga is down to the passion of the fans or wakereketwa who will not allow these clubs to go off the map. But this is fragile and may not last. Many people advised Simba and Yanga to run in a profit-making way, having a membership and good management structure, as measured by the performance of the club, the type of players and opportunities available to sell their players overseas.

All of this in order to create awareness

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